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A new home & income await you in Uruguay

Help feed the world with one of the most healthy oils. Earn a passive income and enjoy the tranquilo of living in the countryside of Uruguay with cattle, horses, and sheep in sight. Property ownership here is safe and expenses are modest.

GAUDIUM is Latin for joy. Our area is named La Querencia, which I would use in the branding of the olive oil sales; translates as fondness, or as William F Buckley, Jr. wrote in Racing Through Paradise, “that little, unspecified area in life’s arena where one feels safe, serene.”

Home in the country

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Google view below shows how the property is shaped like a seven.

Gaudium Olive Grove & Comfortable House


Whether you are moving to Uruguay or going to rent it out, this property is in a great location: close to the beach and halfway between Montevideo and Punta del Este, fifty-four kilometers to the Carrasco International Airport.

Day-to-day shopping is handy at nearby Solis de Mataojo (12 km), Soca (14 km), and Atlantida (29 km). A good restaurant, Parador Fito, is only 5 km away.

With all appliances and contents included, one can move right in. The house has a "passive solar" roof placement and, along with the super Vermont-designed stove, is warmer in winter while cooler in summer.

If you choose to rent out the house, you might want to use ANDA, which will find the renter, guarantee the monthly rent payment, and collect it for you for a 3% fee. ANDA deposits your income into your account, so it's a hands-off transaction.

Cash rent for the olive grove can be separately received from a farmer, as is common in the USA.

Purchasing a house and contents means it's waiting for you when you are ready to come to your "bolthole."

We do not use Glyphosate around the trees. Few in Uruguay are aware of the possible risk of this weedkiller on their food. However, in the USA, this could support the value of the premium oil and the level of organic input.

One can make more money by exporting olive oil to the USA. Once the current owner, Bill Owen, is back in New Hampshire, he will help you sell it if you wish.


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11.6228 hectares (28.72 acres) includes: 9 hectares with approximately 3,000 olive trees


House, casita, barn, bridge, wellhouse with 4000 liter tank


Canelones. 21 kms to beach, 68 kms to Montevideo, 75 km to Punta del Este


Move-in-ready contents. Option to also buy Tractor, tools and implements.

Year Planted

January 2015


SAFETY The house has rejas (burglar bars), and I feel very safe here. This differs from being in some areas of the city or coastal towns. Not that Uruguay is unsafe but petty theft can be an issue elsewhere. The family who built the house initially kept it as a vacation & weekend place, and so they added the rejas for security for when they were not here much of the year. The neighbors have been great, and when one had a little cooking fire, we called another neighbor who got here with their own homemade “fire truck” before the Soca department arrived!

MOSQUITOS? Before we moved into Gaudium, we rented several houses, and some nights I swatted 40 mosquitos hanging on various walls waiting for us to go to bed. In some locations, we slept under a mosquito net, but most nights, one or two I missed managed to slip in with us. When I got to Gaudium, I was pleasantly surprised to find so few. We do not need a mosquito net here. We rarely encounter mosquitos as we work in the grove we presume because of the sun and nearly-constant breezes.

CONEAT RATING All of Uruguay is mapped with soil types classified according to their productivity. Productivity is then measured by a number known as the “CONEAT index.” Our chacra has 63% better ground (Coneat 88) and 37% lesser ground (Coneat 61), with the proportions’ average being 78. See the PDF section for a more detailed discussion of Coneat. Olive trees naturally do well, even in lesser soil.

PROPERTY TAXES were $98.32 USD for the whole year of 2021. If you sell the olive oil, a small grove with less than $238,000 USD in gross income (approximately 5,000 liters exported) may not owe taxes. Otherwise, 0-2%. If you are not the farmer and are renting out the grove, the tax structure may be different. I recommend you verify this.

HOW MANY kilometers is a mile? 1.61 km = 1 mile. .62 miles = 1 kilometer. Easier: 50 kilometers is about 31 miles.



The chart above shows how you can move in or rent the house for ANDA-guaranteed extra income.

The olive grove can be rented out to a farmer or managed for export in the USA, which gives you greater income* potential.

Example amounts shown are estimates. Export includes an allowance for those costs to figure out ROI.

Move to the bottom for a PDF printable version of the Price & Options chart above.

*Example of an Oil & Vinegar store in NH USA selling imported Chilean olive oil for effectively $42.59 to $69.75 per liter
in 200ml-750ml bottles.

Gaudium Gallery
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Easy to get around

Fifty meters from our front gate, bus service to Montevideo every 30-60 minutes (5:45 am - 10:54 pm, about $5 each way).

There are also regular services to Punta del Este, Atlantida, Soca, and Minas. We felt that having one car was plenty.


In Google Maps enter Coordinates in bold: 34°39'02.4"S 55°34'05.9"W  -34.650677, -55.568314

or 8CXJ+PMF La Querencia (Canelones Department)

From Montevideo, take Ruta 8 towards Minas, turn left on Ruta 80 (right on Rotonda), then immediately left on old Ruta 8



The difference 9 years makes

We added an arrow so you could see the tree as planted. You can see the tree has grown & we installed a better roof on the water tower.

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